Digital Transformation

Watch this video for an overview of The Cloudhouse Containers and how we can help move your applications to Modern, Evergreen Operating Systems in the cloud or on-premise.

App Journey

  • 1
    Legacy Platforms
  • 2
    Cloudhouse Container
  • 3
    New Platforms
  • 4
  • 5
    MSIX Ready
Your app is still running on legacy platforms

Don’t let your apps tie you down to unsupported Windows and Citrix platforms, use Cloudhouse...

Wrap your app in a Cloudhouse Container

With Cloudhouse Containers, apps only need to be packaged once in containers, where they work today, to provide compatibility for applications on new OS's with isolation for runtimes, file and network redirection.

Deploy your app to modern platforms

Use your existing deployment tools and practices to deliver apps to your users, desktops and servers.

Never worry about Windows Updates again.

Whether it is a server or a desktop app, our Containers ensure apps remain Evergreen, even when Windows Updates are applied.

Benefit from MSIX now!

Whether you want to adopt MSIX now, or ensure your app strategy is aligned with Microsoft's new MSIX format, Cloudhouse can help you get your existing apps to MSIX.

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