Rescue your Windows 10 Rollout

Organizations looking to adopt Windows 10 often find that their desktop projects stall because their line of business applications are incompatible with Windows 10.

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Desktop transformation

With Cloudhouse’s Containers, you can complete your desktop transformation from Windows XP, or Windows 7 (32 bit), to Windows 10 without having to change the applications, or spend time trying to manually remediate the problems with your classic Windows 32-bit, browser or Office plugin based application.

No Apps Get Left Behind

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Evergreen IT

This blog explores Evergreen IT, and answers the following questions; What is Evergreen IT? Are organisations making the move to Evergreen? What about the OS? What is Microsoft’s solution to the Evergreen OS? What is the main challenge adopting Windows as-a-service? How to enable Evergreen applications?

Videos of Cloudhouse in action

Over the last few months a couple of our Consultants, Ryan Smith and Tom Parkin have been creating some great videos of Cloudhouse Containers enabling desktop only applications to run on multi-user environment like XenApp; multiple versions of the same application to run on a single desktop. By Stuart Moore, Head of Product

What is Microsoft 365 F1, who is it for, and how do you deploy it?

In this blog we are going to explore Microsoft’s new offering, Microsoft 365 F1, a product that Satya Nadella announced at Microsoft’s flag ship event Ignite. • What is Microsoft 365 F1 and who is it for? • What are the benefits? • How will IT deploy, and manage this new offering? And what exactly is Auto Pilot? • How will customers deploy their line of business applications to their Front-line workers? By Stuart Moore, Head of Product